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Strategy & Storytelling


Maryke here. I'm a creative strategist and digital marketing consultant with insatiable curiosity.

I love telling stories – of brands, of people, of culture and the world – in every shape and form.

On any given day you will find me creating content that captivates and strategies that are as sticky as they are strong.

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I love collecting art (and wine)

Isn't that why we travel - to create stories, drink wine and bring back art? My most recent addition? A watercolour poster from the Southern coast of Sweden - the tale of getting lost in the Archipelago.

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I like refurbishing aka re-making

There is nothing so ​rewarding than seeing ​something old become new ​again, whether clothes, ​furniture, art or drinks

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I'm obsessed with learning

Having three degrees and a whole bag of certifications is the result of my unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

As adaptable as a box of​ Leg​o

One of my greatest strengths is my ​adaptability, whether it's a new town, a ​foreign language or making Plan B up ​on the spot, it's thrilling to know the ​possib​ilities are endless.

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I have a secret love affair ​with creative writing

From my Barbie - a poet, to capturing the ​intricate details of teenage life as the editor of ​the school paper to finding the needle in the ​haystack of consumer behaviour research

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Digital Marketing Strategy


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Marketing Education

Content Creation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Account Management

Social Media Strategy


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Strategy​ & Conte​nt Creati​on

Various agencies and roles

Marketing Strategy, Social ​Media Strategy & ​Management, Copywriting ​& Content Creation, Paid ​Media, SEO, SEM, CRM, ​Email Marketing, Websites​

Digital Marketing


Oenomel Creative Strategists Ltd.

Marketing Consultation & Digital Strategy, Business Development, PR & Communications, Client Liaising & Account Management

Digital Marketing


University of Stellenbosch,

Business School

Educating and lecturing on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Digital Transformation, Digital Trends

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Strategy & Storytelling